Justin Owen Jackson


Here Goes Nothing

So I guess I'm actually going to try this whole blogging thing... So I've recently become aware that, as much as I hate to admit it, I can be relatively lazy about taking my freelance design to the next level (ie. taking necessary "businessy" steps, socializing/networking, courting new clients, etc.)

Because of this, I've recently found myself in what I would call a "design loop" - I'm finding myself accepting jobs that I know I don't want nor are beneficial to me in any way other than monetarily. I realize that this isn't exactly what you would call a typical "problem" to a more practical person, but the entire reason I left the studio atmosphere was to be able to pick and choose projects that are beneficial to myself as well as the clients. I mean, I'm trying to find my niche, and that DOESN'T include setting up mechanicals for sock packaging. The type of relationships I'm looking for (or should be looking for) should naturally garner better work as well, right??

So I've got some thinking to do....

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